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Meet Your Photographer

Hello! I am Stephani, the face behind the camera. I am 30 years old and originally from a little surf town, Pacifica, otherwise known as 15 minutes south of San Francsico. I am California girl who grew up on the beach, but I hate the sand and don’t surf. My friends and family find it comical. I’ve lived in Chico for the past 10 years. I love this community and it’s surroundings. I have an amazing, supportive boyfriend. Together, we share two fur kids. I apologize in advance if I show up to your session covered in dog hair. I can’t leave the house without it.

Photography has always been a hobby of mine. I have been a photographer since 2011. I took the leap into portraits back in 2016. I love capturing the beauty in every person, providing my clients memories they can cherish for a lifetime. Photography is my passion. It has always been my creative outlet, my escape. It’s the thing I look forward to after working a full-time job. I am very passionate and proud of my work. I understand how awkward it can be to have a stranger pointing a camera at you capturing your most vulnerable moments. I try to take the serious nature out of each session and replace it with laughter. I don't take anything too seriously. I tend giggle and laugh. You'll often hear me say "I know it feels awkward, but trust me you look beautiful”. My goal is to make your portraits as unique and as beautiful as you are.




Fun facts about me

  1. I LOVE Coffee! I am a coffee addict. My coffee cup collection is as ridiculous as my coffee addiction.

  2. I am the soccer mom version of a Dog mom. My dogs are my kids, since I don’t have any.

  3. The San Francisco Giants are my boys! I love Giant’s games especially with my mom.

  4. I live in leggings. Leggings = life. I believe a girl can never have enough leggings.

  5. Winter is my favorite season. I love the snow. I love the rain. I love snowboarding, fuzzy blankets, and everything that comes with Winter.

  6. I have a Bachelors degree in Exercise Physiology and a minor in Nutrition from Chico State. But, I currently work in an Autobody shop.

  7. I am a little obsessed with Harry Potter. I have read the full series 3 times now. I have all the books on audible and frequently listen to them.

  8. Podcasts are my new favorite thing. I love taking roadtrips and listening to Podcasts. My current favorites are This Podcast Will Kill You, My Favorite Murder, The Joe Rogan Experience, Bobbycast, and Unqualified.

  9. My favorite movie....now that’s a difficult one. I am stuck between Steel Magnolias, Grumpy Old Men, and the Family Stone..I could watch all three over and over again.

  10. When I was younger, I used to race Outlaw Karts. I officially got out of the sport in 2014. Racing is in my blood. Anytime I get a spare minute, I will usually attend a Sprint car race.

Turning 30 with Edith Esparza Photography

Turning 30 with Edith Esparza Photography

Thank you for taking the time to know me. Let’s get together and create some amazing memories!

Portraits taken by Edith Esparza Photography